FOR BRANDS  Helping owners with key aspects of business development, branding, market positioning & digital strategy.

FOR ARTISTS  Helping Artist with key aspects of branding, industry relationships, fan-base acquisition, major releases & distribution.

Gain a complimentary Hour with every hour spent.


FULL BRAND KIT I work with a team of highly qualified creatives and producers who aid in building the foundation of a new brand or completely remodelling ad existing brand. We’ll work extensively with you to bring the vision you have for the brand to life.

KIT INCLUDES: Logo Design, Website, Brand Guideline & Digital Press Kit


FULL WEB DESIGN I’ll design a clean, aesthetically pleasing website for low costs, built on wordpress or squarespace. If you have a more complex web project, I work with high end developers you can access.



I don’t hold the camera. I ensure that your video production needs are met and the quality is up to industry standard. Pairing you with the right video team through my in-house network, we’ll cover all aspects of script writing, treatments, hiring models, rentals & post production.


I don’t hold the camera. I work with a prolific group of photographers based in Toronto and Los Angeles. I’ll match you with the perfect photographer who will bring out the best in your aesthetics.